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This job has expired.

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O2O Store Specialist 門店運營助理 Wanted

Full time

Hong Kong

Sales / Business Developer

starting date : 2019-06-25

Friend to Friends Limited can not provide a visa.


我們正在尋找具有全朋友正面價值觀和理念的好朋友 We are looking for a friend who:

1. 熱愛與他人溝通和建立良好關係 Love building and maintaining a good relationship with people

2. 熱愛你的工作, 讓工作融入於你的生活 Love your job, and you will never have to work a day in your life

3. 喜愛挑戰自己,討厭平凡的生活 Enjoy taking down challenges and don't want to live a boring life

4. 有目標和抱負並積極地去實現 Be ambitious

5. 上班不是只為了完成工作, 而是希望為公司帶來影響力並與公司一起成長  Desire to make an impact to the company and grow with the company

6. 擁有宏觀思維  Possess a "big picture" mindset

在這裡,有corporate的規模, startup的精神;




工作內容 Job Description:

1. 統籌門店整體運營,促進業績達成

Coordinate the overall operation of the store to promote performance

2. 確保門店庫存和產品結構維持在良好水平

Ensure that store inventory and product structure are maintained at a good level

3. 開展完整銷售流程并提供良好客戶服務

Conduct a complete sales process and provide good customer service

4. 維護客戶關係,建立客戶對品牌的忠誠度

Maintain customer relationships and build customer loyalty to the brand

5. 關注市場動態并及時反饋競爭資訊

Pay attention to market dynamics and collect relative information

我們希望對人才坦誠相待,也希望人才能夠對我們真誠信賴。只要這個職位適合,相信能發揮你最大潛力,做出最大的成效! 不要猶豫, 把優秀的自己介紹給我們。

我們奮鬥的目標很簡單 – “讓一切變得更好”,一個更好的你會否出現 在我們這個全朋友的大家庭中?


Salary range / month :  < HK$ 20k

WHubber factors

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Flexible Role and Responsibility

Impact on Society

Created on: 2019/03/30

This job has expired.

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