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CTO & Product Development (Full-stack) Wanted


Hong Kong

Software engineer

starting date : 2017-08-31

Freedrop can not provide a visa.


If you love technology, you must love innovation and creation.

We're creating innovation from 0 to 100. 
We're defining how people travel 5 years later.

Here is a chance to define rules and regulations for the future.

Can you create innovation with limited budget and resources ? 
Are you ready to challenge yourself with lots of problems ?

We have no strong technical team for you. 
You need to form the team, develop the technology and launch the product with sweat.

Sweat, Problem, Disappointment are what we are facing with. 
But, we are leading the future at the same time.

You have to solve problems with passion, energy, wisdom and trust in Freedrop.

Let's listen to your insights :)

What can we offer ? 
A chance to change how people travel and a group of ambitious people.

Current Stage: 
Get Transaction, Customers, Little Fund and Stores in Shanghai & Hong Kong.

You will be working with   Jason NG .


Equity part is negotiable.

Salary range / month :  none

WHubber factors

Startups have different perks to offer to talent. Here is their allocation of 100 points.

Flexible Role and Responsability

Impact on Society


Flexible hours

Flexible location

Created on: 2017/08/30

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