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We believe that spatial analytics brings indispensable context to the workplace by revealing patterns, connections, opportunities, and risks difficult to decipher otherwise.

Just like google analytics analyses the traffic of a website in order to help understand its weak and strong points, we created a spatial analytics platform using tracing technology that will help companies of all sizes and types, understand the interactions and behaviours within their work environment, while at the same time respecting everyone's privacy.

Most companies do not have simple, quantifiable ways to measure the effectiveness of their space, or the usage of the equipment and assets, or even simply understand their employees’ interactions and collaboration patterns.

Human Resources, Office Managers, and Business Leaders need a data-driven snapshot of their workplace in order to be able to make appropriate and informed decisions, see opportunities, assess risks, or even ensure compliance with safety protocols (in the current Covid-19 pandemic situation).

This is why we have created a modular toolkit that will give Enterprises and Government services the spatial analytics they need to understand patterns within their workplace.

After researching various tracing technologies available, we chose Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology for its low-power signal present in most phones, high resistance to blockage, and privacy compliance. EMERTRACE uses BLE as its preferred way to collect proximity data and interactions between the various EMERTRACE data sources such as smartphone apps, wearable trackers, beacons, smart tags and APIs.

The data collected is then compiled and processed in our analysis engine to produce both historical and real-time analytics using actionable metrics (e.g. density, frequency, time, duration, distances, areas, events) as well as other custom metrics of compliance such as corporate governance or regulatory measures (safety index and risks of exposure during an epidemic).

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