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We are an online marketplace, where verified creators can upload on-demand videos of DIY art and craft workshops and earn from sales. Most workshops can be done at home because they are taught in a systematic and easy to follow way. The necessary materials and tools used in the workshops are generally handy in our daily life and sometimes even waste can be reused! We hope users can gain happiness from creative inspiration-DIY ideas, and make a better lifestyle.

The categories of the workshops include but are not limited to the following: graphic design, paper origami crafts, rangoli art, different types of greeting cards, gift tutorials, scrapbook making ideas, paper quilling, gift box ideas, home decorations, festive special decorations, origami innovative ideas, hair styling, nail arts, recycle waste materials and many more.

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    Michael Chen
    I am an enthusiastic entrepreneur with a passion for creative lifestyle ideas. I am a fan of art & craft workshops. If you have the same intere... Read More