Own your ID. Divao helps you identify with any online service without saving any data to protect your identity!

All three co-founders are technical and geeks who grew up with the web and witnessed how it evolved from P2P ideal where individuals were empowered, to being dominated by a few services where the individuals are the products.

We feel the full potential of the web hasn’t been fulfilled and we want to revive the original promise of the Internet.

Identity privacy & protection are the cornerstones to that, because when you think about it, a lot of ills in the Internet stems from how we’ve lost of control of our own personal data. It’s captured, often without our knowledge, to store in some centralised servers where it’s shared, sold, leaked, hacked, ad-targeted, or so personalised we are trapped in a myriad of echo chambers.

At Divao, we want to help people take back the Internet, one identity at a time.

Divao verifies and certifies the information of your physical ID card and stores your data, encrypted, on your device. When service providers need to check your identity, for example during onboarding or KYC, they request the data directly from your device. And you finally get to be in control of what certified data to share with them.

Since all the data is stored on your own device, there are no security risks of losing your data on some centralized server somewhere.The process is entirely encrypted and peer-to-peer. Once verified, you can re-use your data everywhere with any service provider.

For service providers, using Divao reduces costs and risks when handling customer information. You can know-your-customer with confidence and increase onboarding rate, while giving your customers the peace of mind of privacy protection.

  • Alice Lo
    CEO & Co-founder
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