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Our mission is to make affordable enterprise IoT features to high-growth SMB. We believe in exploiting technologies, not the typical guys-next-door of "just using technology".

At De-Wired, we are a SG-incubated IoT platform Startup. Our vision is to make the hardware smarter for tomorrow, yet even simpler than today. We designed an IoT framework exploiting best-of-breed open-source projects to improve the overall IoT experience for project developers to business stakeholders.

The SMART Platform is the first-of-its-kind IoT frameworks and methodologies to offer a plethora of modules, components and plugins for building massively-scalable, fault-tolerant, device-centric applications. Our team believes that IoT success is having the ability to rapidly and cost-effectively launch, manage and monetise a business connected assets and services. However the IoT lifecycle is continuous – introducing new or enhanced services, managing connectivity and costs, and seeking to grow revenue.

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    Mike Loh
    Mike is the first founder of De-Wired. With almost 20 years experiences involving enterprise software systems sales and high-tech/patents licensing... Read More
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    Jeremy KEI
    A cross-platform evangelist with over two decades of certified practitioner experiences in virtualisation, enterprise architecture and systems deve... Read More
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    Mason ZHONG
    VP, China region
    A sales veteran, Mason had over 15 years developing the South China industrial supply chain eco-system and partners. Based in Shenzhen, he heads th... Read More