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Hardship and Marvels of Entrepreneurship

My name is Harry and I am one of the Co-founders of Third Culture.
Launching my own Startup is an experience that remains unparalleled.

It’s not about the Work, it’s the Emotional Challenge

I must say that creating a Startup is one of the most challenging and rewarding endeavours I have ever undertaken. Saying that though, the real challenge I found wasn’t in the work, and there was and still is a lot to be done. It was more in how emotionally taxing it can be. To keep costs low, you have to be everything, every position, you have to know everything, and that which you don’t know you have to start learning about.

To take something from nothing, just an idea in your head and convince people that it is a good idea, an idea worth investing - that is a challenge! To persuade people to join and support you, and to find the strength within to continue even when they don’t and think your idea is crazy. That is the real challenge.

Hardship and Marvels of Entrepreneurship

The Power of a guiding Force

That is why assistance and guidance is essential. Ideally you would have a mentor, someone that knows exactly what you are seeking to achieve, knows the steps you must take and so lays the path out before you. This is rarely the case with Startups, and you usually find yourself in the dark, taking one step forward and two steps back.

The next best thing to a mentor, is to have someone like WHub, who have a lot of experience with Startups in general. They may not know the exact path for you - but they can at least point you in the general direction. Sometimes you just need someone to bounce ideas off, you maybe have 10 possibilities and with some fresh eyes you can whittle it down to 2 or 3.

So often we feel alone, the weight of the world on our shoulders. We feel like we are in a boxing ring, battling life and the bell never seems to ring to give us that break. What WHub does is let you know that you have a few people in your corner. It gives you that feeling that though no one can fight this fight for you, you do have people screaming advice and support from your corner.

The thing I loved about WHub, was how enthusiastic they were to see us succeed. How keen they were to hear about developments and follow ups. How they took an interest not just in our ideas but in us as people.

Hardship and Marvels of Entrepreneurship

A true Community to excel

The other great advantage about being able to voice your ideas and concerns aloud to someone else is more often than not, they may know that person or that one thing that you are missing to succeed. With so many things to worry about, it is difficult to see what we are missing or the whole picture. As WHub’s community begins to grow more and more, so their network grows and their ability to assist and get us in touch with the right people grows.

I think WHub is a wonderful community. Run by good people and with a growing community that can really benefit a young Startup.

Hardship and Marvels of Entrepreneurship

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