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Women , work and the will to lead

3 years ago, I was sitting in a convention called: “Design your Destiny.”
At that point, I was searching for a deeper meaning in my life. I did not know what to do!

Time Pass , my inner voice to pursue something great become stronger every day .
"Sally , Go and start something that matters !"
Big Dream , Little me

There have one question always daunted on me at that time :
"How can I Build a Fashion brand to empower young people & start up to voice and launch their Dream ?" I have chosen to empower young generation & Start up because I believe that Dreamers Can Save the World .

At first , it was exciting , but then as the vision continued to grow and it became overwhelming . I think that a lot of entrepreneurs will agree that starting a business is an act of faith.
It is far too much work and sacrifice to be a practical option. For me, starting a New Business Model Fashion for a purpose & a Platform that allow young people to voice and launch their dream . It is an act of passion !!!
I am compelled by forces outside of my control; forces like compassion, hope, frustration at the world around me and a healthy dose of craziness!

My grandfather gave me the Chinese name , "Man Chun " which means stepping into Spring ", It inspire me to create this new business that i build called : "Spring Time" Because Spring is a season of new beginning , growing and flourishing .

A wise woman once told me a very simple phrase that has always stuck with me , she said "Leadership equals influence " Think of all i have learned now, she was exactly right , as leadership is the ability to influence others toward a common goal.

To feel vulnerable is very difficult for both myself and a lot of other female entrepreneurs, as we modern women are all supposed to be smart and successful.
What is interesting is that many people believe they don't have the ability to be a leader.

Historically speaking , women have had fewer opportunities to take on strong leadership roles .
The Good news though is that if we look at many societies around us , we can see that this is changing . Women are at last truly realizing their great capabilities and they are ready to flaunt these attributes freely .

If leadership is an ability to successfully influence others believe they have the skills and abilities to successfully influence others towards an objective, whether that means managing a project or winning a competition .
Women are powerful , intelligent , and strategic beings , and we must realize that being a great leader is just right within our reach. The key is just finding the heart to take on roles that are novel and new without fearing failure . After all, great leaders do not fear getting lost , but they instead have the confidence to show others the way .

Right now, my future is exactly how I want to be unknown , but filled with promise.
When it comes down to it, life is not about finding yourself-life is about creating yourself!!
We can all have a fulfilling career, family, friends and a wonderful life. Find the support that you need and start something that matters. You are bound to dream big , remember your dream has a heart beat listen to it !!
Keep dreaming & Keep believing !

The world need that special gift that only you have !!

Women , work and the will to lead

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