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#StartupFeature: 5 questions to LCCS

WHub X HKTDC Job Fair Special Feature

WHub X HKTDC Job Fair: Start-ups Meet Talent is around the corner! To help you get a better understanding of each startup that is going to join us at the job fair, we are going to feature one startup per day in the following weeks!  

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1. Describe what your company does in 140 characters or less.

We are the only cloud based Low Cost Corporate Services Provider in Hong Kong!

2. What are the two most important traits you look for in new teammates: intelligence, work ethic, kindness, courage, loyalty

A willingness to learn and to take initiative.

3. Tell us three unique things about your company culture

- We are low cost AND our service is excellent! We particularly take pride in our responsive customer service.

- We're no nonsense. We'll give you the truth about what it takes to setup and maintain a company in HK.  

- We care about our clients making sure they do things properly and safely. Likewise we care about our staff as our aim is to help them grow in their career, just as much as the company itself.

4. On a typical Saturday, your team members are usually a) At the office b) Networking on junk boat c) sleeping

We don't like leaving anyone hanging so some of us might check in at least once to help answer queries. But for the most part we're taking it easy. We believe in a good work life balance.

5. What excites you about your company’s future?

There is so much room to grow and we're planning to take advantage of that! We're working on setting up a foundation now with the aim of expanding internationally in the coming years.

Co-organized by HKTDC and WHub, the job fair will bring together undergraduates, graduate students, and seasoned professionals to one event, exclusively for start-ups.If this sounds like you, register now for FREE

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