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From a family tradition to a business

Bahia is a results driven line of all-natural skin & hair care. Inspired by Moroccan ancestral beauty rituals, eco-friendly and ethically sourced. It is our pleasure to run an interview with their founder, Loubna.

From family tradition to a business

Born and bred in Morocco with Berber parents, Loubna’s family has a long tradition of using Argan oil. Seeing the benefits of using Argan oil first-handedly, Loubna decided to share the ancient beauty secret with the world. She encourages customers to support the local community in order to promote a more responsible way enhancing natural beauty.

Key to Learn the culture

“Speaking the language and knowing the local culture was the key of the whole process.”

To get the brand out there, Loubna said knowing the local culture is crucial, she also pointed out that, her first-handed experience with Moroccan’s natural beauty products also helps her to identify and select the ingredients with best quality.

Customer first, and plan your day.

“As a startup with limited resources, we have to multi-task all the time and be very flexible to daily time management.” Loubna says.
The team start their day by responding to emails and inquiries from customers, then allocate time for working with different aspects, from marketing to product development, and from marketing to reach out to business partners and clients.

Starting up in Hong Kong: the Good and the Challenge

“Starting a company is “technically” very easy in Hong Kong, as the incorporation procedures are quick and straightforward. With this said, running and developing a business in anywhere else consist of a lot of works” she says.

Being a small-sized startup, Loubna said one of the challenges is to promote their brand and reach their targeted clients within the budget. As a result, they promote the brand through building different partnerships. 


To Bahia, promoting the “all-natural” and “organic” beauty industry excites the team. Raising customer’s awareness to the impact of their decision, on their health, environment, as well as local communities, has been one of their missions.

Receiving positive feedbacks from customers motivates the team keeping up. While the goal of empowering local communities in Morocco, makes the team want to do more on promoting the brand.

Loubna revealed that they are planning to extend their line and introduce new products soon. Products from Bahia are now stocked and used in facials and treatments at Sparadise, the Organic SPA in the heart of Central.

Check out Bahia’s startup profile here

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