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At W Hub we love swag, because it is one of the best ways to promote a brand.

So what is swag? Swag is a promotional product given away with the aim of advertising. It can be as simple as a t-shirt or as fancy as a custom-shaped USB. Swag serves as a reminder of the brand or an event - great swag stays around and the poor swag ends up in a bin.

“Swag is an excellent way to promote brands, especially new brands that need to make an impact to their potential users quickly. the nice thing about it is it lasts - which is different from other forms of advertising,” says Tim Lau, Managing Director of

Providing great value and striking a balance between cost and quality is essential to making an impact and impressing the user. As an expert in swag, Tim reveals that valuable swag usually is a creative item with great quality and a nicely printed logo, it should be something useful to the general public. “Valuable and well-loved swag doesn’t necessarily has to be a pricey item,” Tim says. “But you don’t want to give out cheap quality pens that break after a few uses, because swag is a representation of your brand and your product.”

In fact, the most popular item in is their logo t-shirt. wants to make customization as easy as possible, with user experience being their top priority. The team strives to simplify the ordering process and accelerate the product delivery. Tim points out that with a dedicated customer service and sales team based in Hong Kong, understands the local customer better than their competitors. is not only favored by startups, big corporates like Cathy Pacific, Red Bull, and Philips also use their service. “We offer a complete and tailored-made solution to big corporates,” Tim says. “We have a sales team dedicated to the established corporate customers, to understand their needs, and provide the best value and quickest turnaround time for their orders. “

Tim says it is exciting to turn items that cannot be customized by most people to something possible. However, as the company is launching a new product every month, Tim said the biggest challenge for presently is to catch up with the new product schedule.

So what’s next? Tim reveals that they are launching into the gift and premium market with no minimum order quantity. “ now has more than 30 products and with the passion to help everyone to customize everything, turning the impossible to something possible, we believe is definitely one of the startups we should keep an eye on.”

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