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Combining a team of experts in technology, machine and deep learning, e-commerce and payment, Zwoop is one of the most innovative companies aimed to revolutionize e-commerce and the way people shop and search products online.

We are working in developing our technologies to bring innovation to the web by the end of 2016

In Zwoop, we are building an innovative e-commerce platform based on machine learning, artificial intelligence and breakthrough algorithms. Users find deals, monitor price, discover cool products or send an image to find the exact product, all in the most intuitive and simple way.

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    Alex Gadotti
    30 years experience in IT, e-commerce and payments. Alex is a specialist in start ups and in developing breakthrough innovation for the mobile and ...
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    Tommaso Natale
    CTO and Head of Product
    Over 17 years of experience on technology and management, Tommaso served as CTO and Product owner for a startup, and previously served as a Partner...
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    Carl Freer
    Director and Aviser
    Carl is Chairman and Founder of ULab. An experienced entrepreneur, Carl holds several technology patents, has created a myriad of successful tech s...