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You Technologies Group, a consumer technology company, is building a next-generation digital banking platform to solve people’s money problems in Asia.

The first product on our journey to become a fully digital bank will be a pre-paid multi-currency travel card. We want our customers to enjoy a borderless and uninterrupted travel experience. It's easy to lose track of your spending while travelling and finding the best exchange rates can be time consuming affair. With our multi-currency travel card you can have full control over your expenses with real time spending notifications to your mobile and have the piece of mind that comes with choosing the most favourable inter-bank exchange rates as and when it suits you.

In due course we will be enhancing our card and increasing our portfolio of products in line with our mission to deliver better banking. Our ambition is for our digital bank to be driving force for financial inclusion across South East Asia and for us to realise our goals we need talented, enthusiastic and entrepreneurial individuals who can contribute to, and share in, our future.

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