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Trip Guru’s mission is to help people access authentic travel experiences. Instead of packaged, tightly scheduled, all-inclusive tours that leave the traveller with a sense that their leisure time has been as programmed as their work; we let the traveller take charge. Our platform aims to provide a one-stop terminus to gather information, craft an itinerary, browse for deals, book the trip, and connect with other likeminded travellers. Moreover, our personally curated activities add a layer of accessibility to the authentic local experiences that connect with the place, which are typically reserved for local residents and people in the know. We are committed to promote a culture of responsible tourism in respect to the sustainability of local communities.

A dynamic travel start-up intuitively connecting like-minded travellers with each other and activities that fit their lifestyle preferences. Aiming to revolutionize travel via technology and the creation of a vast, interactive network of experience-seeking globetrotters.

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