Time Auction Hong Kong

Where we're at?

Concept and business plan team may be incomplete.

Idea is formed project ready to launch.

Have paying customers adapting to market.

Profitable and growing.

Mentor-mentee relationships are organic
Like any type of relationships, it’s about compatibility and respect. You’d have an opportunity to kick-start a long-term mentor-mentee relationship with a reward donor on Time Auction.

Owning your education
Learn from the experts in the fields that you’re passionate in. What you do and learn outside of school might just be what differentiates you in this competitive world!

Time Auction is a platform that features some of the most inspiring people in Hong Kong while encouraging volunteerism. Over 1,500 volunteer hours raised to date.

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  • Fion   bio photo
    Fion Leung
    Fion is the Co-founder of Time Auction and also the Product Evangelist at Notey. With a goal to inspire students from both a social good and care...
  • Suetyi
    Suetyi Wong
    As an aspiring entrepreneur, Suetyi co-founded Time Auction Hong Kong to connect like-minded students with inspiring mentors. Since graduating from...