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Our mission is to provide an online platform where every jewelry designer can meet manufacturers worldwide and vice versa.

"Life is too short to wear boring jewellery"

If you agree with the above statement, you might be interested in Tanzire. Tanzire's main aim is to bridge the gap between the jewellery designers and jewellery manufacturers while celebrating talent worldwide. Due to this gap, different stakeholders are affected, like manufacturers suffer losses due to producing similar kinds of designs round the year, designers are not able to showcase their talent on an international platform, and end users do not have a wide variety to choose from. We, at Tanzire, believe that jewellery is a piece of art which has the power to connect cultures and provide a different experience to the users.

On Tanzire, jewelery designers are welcome to exhibit their designs on their online store in sketch or CAD form, and manufacturers from around the world can buy these designs. Our value added services are: CAD and 3D printed resin model.

We want to lift up the new talent of designers and showcase it to the world. Therefore, our target market is university level jewellery designers and manufacturers from India, China, and Hong Kong.

  • Suhani Batwara