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Energy storage for people and businesses
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Delivering reliable and sustainable power to more people, more affordably through better energy storage.

Over two billion people and millions of businesses are impacted by unreliable electricity. Generators are used as the go-to backup power solution. However, generators are noisy, unreliable, expensive to operate and awful polluters - over 40,000% worse than a modern diesel car.

Ampd Energy's goal is to deploy lithium-ion based backup power systems globally. By integrating our patent-pending technologies, Ampd's engineering team has developed a revolutionary lithium-ion backup system that is safe, entirely maintenance free, silent, emits zero pollution and - as a massive game changer - 70% smaller than existing battery backup systems.

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    Brandon Ng
    Co-Founder & CEO
    Brandon is the Co-Founder, CEO and Technology Architect at QFE. His background includes founding two startup companies, advising renewable energy i...
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    Luca Valente
    Co-Founder & CTO
    Luca is the Co-Founder of QFE and serves as QFE's Chief Technical Officer. For 7 years, Luca worked in Brazil, first at Volkswagen/Man as a test en...