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The Intelligent Personal Wealth Management Platform for Hong Kong people
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The Intelligent Personal Wealth Management Platform for Hong Kong people

Currently there is no good financial tracking and advisory platform for general public. Retail investors have vague ideas, but not concrete information about their investment performance. A few diligent ones update their investment record in spreadsheet monthly, but proved to be tedious to a lot of people. Meanwhile general public do not trust financial planners and the non-performing products they are selling. Finally there is a comprehensive private banking service, but only limited to the rich.


We create PortSight, the financial platform, that:
- Gives you a 360 view of all your total assets, at any time. This includes your bank accounts, credit cards loan, mortgages, stock, MPFs, mutual funds portfolio, and even properties. Information sync automatically.
- Enable you to set a concrete goal, a time period. It then reminds you how much should be save/invest each month to reach your goal. When deviated from the goal, the platform sends reminders and methods to catch up the progress. Reaching financial goals will be as fun as playing games.
- Users could arrange meetings with financial advisors for personalized check-up, or purchase financial products that are relevant to them.

In a sentence, PortSight will be the Intelligent Personal Wealth Management Platform for Hong Kong people.

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