Jou Sun 早晨

HK's Online Farmer's Market

Revolutionize how the world eats by changing how food gets from source to kitchen.

Join us to revolutionize how the world eats. Jou Sun enables customers to buy groceries directly from brands, organic farmers, and specialty importers from all over the world. By enabling source-to-kitchen ordering and delivery, we unleash the potential of top quality at unbeatable prices. Let alone all the customer data analytics and demand forecasting potential that has previously been unexplored.

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    Jessica Lam
    Managing Partner, Co-Founder
    Co-founder of, HK's grocery platform & delivery service. We are working hard to make O2O commerce and responsible social practices f...
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    Hinz Pak
    Creative Partner, Co-Founder
    With a dynamic education background from business to fine art, together with 8+ years from international 4As to branding agencies, Hinz is a Multi-...