Add custom Computer Vision to your project in minutes.
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To bring the power of computer vision and machine learning to any developer on any platform.

We take a developer focussed attitude to computer vision and machine learning, making it easy to implement complex computer vision workflows into any application, front end or server side, in a few minutes. Detect objects, scenes, annotations and faces in any image easily. Perform complex transformations, run HoG or HAAR classifiers and leverage a set of pre-trained CNNs to derive meaning from images.

  • Taylor
    Taylor Host
    Director of Product
    Product lead who likes solving large business problems with software & innovation. Fluent in project management, marketing, financial modeling/...
  • Dan
    Dan Harrison
    Director of Operations
  • Jamie
    Jamie Wilde
    Director of Technology
    Working in tech in HK for 10 years, experienced technology director enjoy running teams and building products - occasionally even get to check in c...
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