Pioneer in Food VR commerce
Where we're at?

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Coolhobo is pioneering food VR commerce, bringing Chinese consumers on an immersive culinary journey to Europe.

Coolhobo is a Food Tech startup founded in Shenzhen, China in December 2015. An international team of 5 co-Founders is behind it, two French and three Chinese.

What do we do ?
We are Pioneer in Food VR commerce by allowing our customers to buy through our virtual retail shop the hottest European Food and Beverage products. We tell human stories through technologies and people and believe that social commerce and immersive experiences through virtual reality content is the key for Chinese consumers to fully experience the best from European food cultures.

Which tools do we use ?
We have built a fully operational VR platform directly integrated into our official Wechat account. Wechat today cumulates more than 800 millions users in China and has developed the mobile payment and chatbot eco-system before anybody else.
We are also equipped with 360-degree cameras allowing us to produce great immersive content for our customers.

Why our name/logo ?
All our communication in China is based on our Chinese name 胡罗舶, which literally sounds like "Carrot" but has two different characters meaning the Boat carrot crossing oceans. For a lot of people in China, Carrot is originally from Europe and remains one of the healthiest food aliment. That's where we are, delivering great and healthy food from Europe to China

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  • Flov2
    Florian GARRIGUES
    Project management / lifestyle companies oriented with more than 5 years experiences in Asia and 1 year in South America, I am constantly intereste...
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    Loic KOBES
  • Bentley 1
    Huizhu CHEN
    Co-Founder & CMO
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    Jingwen (KYO) Yang
    Co-Founder & CTO