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Amareos was created on a simple observation that today there is simply too much information available. It is impossible to process and analyse manually everything that is said on a topic.
However, technology has reached a point where it is now possible to scour the information on the web constantly.
Amareos convert the volume and variety of millions of news and social media streams into manageable information flows that drive sharper decisions.

Amareos is packed with features that make your day easier.
Our heat-maps provide end-of-day generic summaries of global financial markets. The dashboard interface clearly organises all the information you need to know about an asset using effective graphical visualisation tools, allowing you to identify trends & relationships quickly and make profitable timely decisions accordingly.

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    Philippe El-Asmar
    Founding Partner & CEO
    Philippe has almost 20 years experience in global financial services. Prior to his current role, Philippe was Global Head of Equities Distribution ...
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    Jerome Favresse
    Founding Partner & CPO
    Jerome has over 15 years experience in global financial services. Prior to his current position, Jerome was head of Asia-Pacific equity-linked stra...
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    Jacques Labbaci
    Jacques has more than 20 years experience in developing technology dedicated to front office activities in major financial institutions. In his lat...