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"Be a natural touchpoint for most people". FinTech feature: CompareAsia

Stefan Bruun, Managing Partner at Nova Founders
Managing Partner at Nova Founders Capital, based in the APAC headquarters in Hong Kong, Stefan focuses on the growth and operations of portfolio companies through marketing, sales, IT, and product management.
Prior to Nova Founders Capital, Stefan co-founded Asian success stories such as Lazada, Zalora, etc. as the Chief Marketing Officer at Rocket Internet. He has started over 30 companies across the globe and was selected for the 2016 Forbes 30 under 30.

1. What excites you about Fintech?

The exciting thing about FinTech is that it gives an opportunity to help a lot of people - either in the form of helping the unbanked and uninsured get banked or insured, or helping millions of people out there with getting an easier, better, cheaper or more convenient solution to some of their needs. There are very few industries left where there is such a big opportunity to make the world a better place.

2. What is Compare Asia's FinTech mission?

The vision of our comparison ventures is to help people around the world to save time and money on their personal finances. We do that by helping them get the right product for them, which may either be cheaper or better suited for their needs. Transparency is really something that has been missing in the personal finance space and that is something we help with.

3. What is your personal #StartUp Passion?

Personally, I am super excited about how much we can help so many people with. With the many products we work across, we will be a natural touchpoint for most people.

4. What are the biggest challenges for a FinTech startup in Hong Kong?

Most FinTech companies face the same issue: how to get the users to start using your platform. In many cases, you are building something that the user is not familiar with, so that requires education.

5. What makes Hong Kong different for FinTech startups in comparison to other South East Asian cities?

This comes down a lot to the business model. For us, we can see that people get our business model quite quickly. The financial literacy here is stronger than in most other places in SEA so people get the value proposition of our platform (the unbiased, transparent, free service to provide a great overview) much faster.

6. What is some advice you can share with startups or individuals looking to get into FinTech?

The one advice that I would give to all startups is to prepare yourself for a lot of work. The romanticized story of the easy startup where everything is perfect is a myth. It will be very long days, hard work and - if you are lucky and smart - you may be successful.

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"Be a natural touchpoint for most people". FinTech feature: CompareAsia

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