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  • May 2017
  • New technologies and their impact on digital business in Germany and Hong Kong

    New technologies and their impact on digital business in Germany and Hong Kong
    This is at the heart of a joint lunch chat between Karena Belin, Co-Founder of WHub ( and Jimmy Schulz (, a German IT-Entrepreneur and former Member of the German Parliament.

  • April 2017
  • Starting a Hardware Company from Idea to Manufacturing + Discovering Hong Kong Startups

    Discovering Hong Kong Startups Nick Zieber - Strategic Partnerships Manager at WHub
    Talk Topic: "Discovering Hong Kong Startups"
    Nick works closely with early stage ventures and new business units to build strong, effective, enduring teams. Before joining WHub, he worked as a technical recruiter for Xpand, a specialist firm focusing on technology & digital roles. Additionally he has been active in the startup community hosting meetups for Product Hunt.

    So French So Innovative Exhibition and Forum

    So French So Innovative
    So French So Innovative is the showcase of the best innovations and technologies France has to offer. This interactive exhibition and forum invites visitors (business professionals, officials, the academia and the HK general public alike) to discover the latest and greatest from French Companies, from large corporates to startups across industry fields.

    Key Takeaways:
    • AI has been around since the 60's with the transition from human to electronic computing with the IBM 7090 used for NASA Mercury and Gemini Space Mission
    • With the rise of Big Data, AI is at its tipping point bringing more and more concrete uses into our daily lives
    • it will change our working environment and bring new jobs to the market as many other new technologies but it is only replacing our painful repetitive tasks
    • we see an exponentiel growth of startups and investment in AI as it is getting more commoditised.

    First University of Mannheim Alumni Meetup

    First University of Mannheim Alumni Meetup
    Hosted by Tiantang Ventures & WHub, this first informal gathering will introduce you to the startup ecosystem of Hong Kong, with a focus on FinTech.

    Women in Tech Changing HK Startup Scene

    Karen Farzam
    Tech entrepreneurs have become the rock stars of the 21st century, and while IT has traditionally been a male-dominated field, superstar ladies are shattering glass ceilings throughout the industry.

    Powerful FinTech Leaders Driving Cross-Industry Innovation Adoption

    HK Women in FinTech
    Female leaders, while a scarce resource, are a powerful force in driving innovation adoption across industries. Women are at the heart of sustainable businesses and a major driver of global economic growth.

    Panel Moderated at Paperclip: Challenges and Opportunities for Student Entrepreneurs

    First University of Mannheim Alumni Meetup
    The time of "veterans-only" entrepreneurship banking on a track record to win over investors , clients and world class talent is over. Times have changed. And fresh, innovative college startups are proliferating. A big number of them achieving stunning valuations, turning a profit or even selling off their business to folks the age of their parents! However, many misconceptions still remain about what starting a company as a student or investing in one really means.

  • March 2017
  • Launch of the FinTech Association of Hong Kong

    The Hong Kong FinTech Association (HKFTA) is an independent, not-for-profit, membership based association representing Hong Kong’s local and global FinTech community.
    The aim of the association is to unite the Hong Kong FinTech industry and ecosystem in order to elevate Hong Kong's status as a FinTech hub. We hope that we can create awareness, employment, education, promotion and advocacy around FinTech.

    FAHK Banner
  • February 2017
  • RTHK 1 2 3 Show: Agender Cafe: STEM education and women working in tech

    STEM education and women working in tech
    We talk about women working in tech with Michelle Sun, founder of First Code Academy, which runs computer programming courses designed especially for children and teens, alone with Karena Belin, co-founder of WHub, an on-line platform and community that showcases startups to help them grow by making meaningful connections.

  • January 2017
  • Hong Kong Ecosystem Toolbox Update v3 - WeWork x Hong Kong

    Crowd Photo
    On January the 18th WHub organized the "Hong Kong Startup Ecosystem- Insights & Trends" to showcase and to celebrate the blooming HK startup scene. The event united key community builders to presents insights and trends about startups.

    Hong Kong Ecosystem Toolbox Update v3 - The Work Project x Hong Kong

    Event Photo
    WHub organised the second edition of "Hong Kong Startup Ecosystem- Insights & Trends" @The Work Project on January 25th. Showcasing and celebrating the blooming HK startup scene, the event united key community builders to presents insights and trends about startups.

    Advantage Austria: Introduction to the HK Startup Ecosystem for Austrian Delegation with the Consulate of Austria and the Austrian Chamber of Commerce

    Advantage Austria
    Hosted by Austrian Chamber of Commerce, the event will introduce the startup ecosystem of Hong Kong for Austrian Delegation's.

    FinTech Outlook Blockchain Trends Panel - Hong Kong

    French FinTech
    Karen Farzam co-founder of WHub shared an overview of the Startups ecosystem in Hong Kong with a focus on the FinTech startups (discover WHub white paper on the startup ecosystem in Hong Kong).

    Pitching Workshop during hackathon

    Pitching During Hackathon
    This #CampusHack is Hackathon run by students, for students. We are here to provide you a fun, new, and most importantly FRUITFUL learning experience! For 36 hours, you will combine your expertise together to build the most innovative and interdisciplinary creation that can possibly helps millions of students around the world!

  • November 2016
  • 201611 wework

    WeWork x WHub Happy Hour

    Wework Hong Kong and WHub are excited to annouce the launch of a new startup initiative: Mission Possible.
    This initiative is designed to help empower the #startup community in Hong Kong with 3-6 months of sponsored space, mentorship and a chance to leverage all the possibilities of being a part of a community.

    201611 british chamber

    Gen Z: Life Beyond the Glass Ceiling?

    The purpose of the panel is to discuss whether the gender barriers that we are trying to break down in the workplace will still be present once the Millennial generation have progressed in the work force and whether in fact those barriers and the term ‘glass ceiling’ will even be relevant in the next 10 to 20 year as Millennials gain more influence.
    We’re eager to explore whether Millennials want the same type of career experience and have the same kinds of goals, and therefore whether these issues will become obsolete in the near future.
    Panel discussion: Stephen Callender from Barclays, Karen Li from Vinda, Clarence Yang from Blackrock, Yanjun Chen from Thomson Reuters and Karen Farzam from WHub.

    201611 british cahmber1
    201611 british cahmber2
    201611 british cahmber3

    201611 wproject

    WHub or #StartupPassion

    W Project is the platform of French entrepreneurs abroad.
    Meet co-founder Karen Farzam, ex-trader, web developer, co-founder of WHub. Interview in French.

    201611 lesechos

    Hong Kong is getting ready for its first unicorn

    As one the biggest Financial hub in Asia, Hong Kong is getting more traction and attract many different type of startups from Iot, e-commerce or FinTech. WHub is mentionned as the reference of the startup community.

    201611 o2o

    Fintech O2O Fintech Week: State of the Ecosystem - How to attract talent

    panel discussion
    Fintech Industry is growing rapidly, but where will the talent come from and what can entrepreneurs and employees expect?
    Karena Belin - Co-founder, WHub, Moderator - Angus Washington - Managing Partner, Wellesley Associates Limited - Polly Chan - Co-founder & Director, GTP Talent Search - Karl Franzmann - Talent Director, ex Michael Page, Renaissance Capital & Barclays - Jerrell Bravo - Senior Partner, RPO Global

    201611 o2o photo1
    201611 o2o photo2
    201611 o2o photo4

  • October 2016
  • Moderated Panel at FinTech Week and NexChange FinTech O2O

    Disruption isn't as easy as it sounds. Now that "fintech" has been embraced by traditional finance and the startup world alike, the industry is beginning to give harder definitions to "fintech" and more closely examining the gaps that exist. Whether a fintech newbie or a seasoned professional, this event will trigger conversations important to understanding the state of fintech today.

    201610 dpc

    Finance Innovation - France / Hong Kong

    Hong Kong FinTech experts talking about opportunitites in Hong Kong for FinTech entrepreneurs in France. Conference call between Hong Kong and Palais Brongniart.
    Conference summary on the following article: Hong Kong the futur FinTech paradise for the French FinTech
    Panelists from BNP, InvestHK, Microcred, FCCIHK, Gatecoin and WHub.

    IFLR FinTech Asia event - panel discussion


    • Renu Bhatia, president, Prospect Ventures and founding partner, SuperCharger (chair)
    • Itai Damti, co-founder, CEO APAC , Leverate
    • Kevin Mak, CEO, Ironfly Technologies
    • Andrew Korner, CEO, Asia Capital Partners
    • Karena Belin, co-founder, W Hub
    • Musheer Ahmed, co-head of risk and regulations, GreySpark Partners Asia
    IFLR FinTech Asia event

  • September 2016
  • 201609 eurocham

    The European Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong - Startup Seminar

    theme : "What makes a successful startup ecosystem"
    Speakers: David Williams from ADMOJO, Ernest Lo from HKIOTA, Karen Farzam from WHUB, and Piia Kuosmanen from Slush Shanghai.

    201609 eurocham1
    201609 eurocham3

    University sydney

    Hong Kong Alumni Event - Night on Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Focus

    Karen Farzam, Co-Founder WHub - James Giancotti, Founder of OddUp - Charles Ng, Associate Director-General at Invest Hong Kong.

    201609 university sydney

  • June 2016
  • 201606 bandeau ran

    Reunion Asie du Nord des CCE

    Discussing the digital revolution and opportunities for French companies in Asia.
    The event was held at the Grant Hyatt gathering more than 200 people from Asia.
    More about the event and photos.

    201606 ran cce 1
    201606 ran cce 2
    201606 ran cce 3

  • May 2016
  • Metta

    StartupNext Demo Day

    After 6 weeks of intensive work at StartupNext pre-accelerator program, the 6 startups selected among 81 applications are pitching in front of a crowded room.
    Startup Next Hong Kong is a Techstars Community Program and is run in a collaboration with WHub and a number of community partners, venues and the most amazing people helping level up startups and entrepreneurs.
    The event is held at Mettä.
    More about StartupNext cohort here.

  • APRIL 2016
  • 201605 trait d union banner

    The boom of Hong Kong Startup Ecosystem

    Hong Kong startup ecosystem is booming and there are many reasons to justify this. An article is the french top magazine to introduce the boom of this new ecosystem.

  • FEBRUARY 2016
  • Techinasiatour

    Tech In Asia - Hong Kong Tour

    Pitching event to select the startup that will represent Hong Kong at the Tech In Asia Conference in Singapore.
    The judging panel is composed of Karen Farzam co-founder WHub, Jonathan LI Lead venture associate at Brinc, Melissa Guzzy founder and managing partner of Arbor Ventures and Furuzonfar Zehni associate at Fresco Capital.

  • Heels and deals logo

    The founder's lounge

    Real women. Real stories. Real success!
    Discover these female founders got to where they are today, the challenges they overcame and lessons they've learnt along the way. Prepare to be inspired!
    Panelists include: Karena Belin Co-Founder of WHub, Lindsey Hermes Founder & Managing Director of Unison Creative, Anita Chan Cofounder of Sam the Local. Karena Belin Cofounder

    201602 heels and deals01
    201602 heels and deals02

  • 201602 dutch chamber

    InterSME Seminar - Your Startup: Failure or Success?

    A Full house Hong Kong Startup Scene introduction event at KPMG to various SME and chamber of Commerce.

    201602 kpmg event01
    201602 kpmg event02
    201602 kpmg event04

  • Ga logo

    Little Steps & GA present: female founder's panel

    These creative and talented women will share their stories about getting started and breaking into their respective industries, in a conversation led by our panel moderator.
    Female founders who share their stories, learnings and insights.
    Connect with women and business leaders in Hong Kong's digital, tech and startup community.

    201602 ga event01
    201602 ga event02

  • Garage

    Introduction to the Singapore Startup scene with Jian Liang Low from Trabble

    A Full house Fireside chat lead by Diane Mensah - WHub Strategic Partnership - and Jian Liang Low - Captain at Trabble -, they talked about Singapore exciting startupe cosystem, funding, the co-working spaces, the talent hunt in HK vs SG, the grantrepreneurs and SG government.

    201502 jian liang low
    201502 sg startup scene small
    201502 sg startup scene

  • JANUARY 2016
  • The Asian Entrepreneur

    201602 karena belin asian entrepreneur

    Originally from Germany, Karena has had a strong connection to Asia. From completing her studies to starting her corporate career and her family, she has now settled in HK and pioneered her first start-up. Where to next for this young woman?

  • NOVEMBER 2015
  • Paperclip

    Show me the money at Paperclip

    This trademark Paperclip event is designed to get frank advice from active early stage investors, who will share both sides of their experience curve, successes and failures.
    Karena Belin, moderator - Co-Founder WHub.
    Samson Tam, Director of Monte Jade Science and Technology Association of Hong Kong.
    Douglas Jaffe, CEO of Solution Access Ltd.
    David Chang, Partner of MindWorks Ventures Limited.

    20151124 paperclip0011 0011
    20151124 paperclip0006 0006

  • 201511 jsconf asia

    JS Conference Asia

    JSConf.Asia brings Southeast Asia's open web developer community together to exchange, to learn and entertain.
    "The route to HTTP/2" by Karen Farzam

    201511 js conference 3
    201511 js conference 2
    201511 js conference 1
  • OCTOBER 2015
  • SCMP

    SCMP interested about Technology Startups Talent

    Technology start-ups in Hong Kong still hamstrung by shortage of skilled developers. Read more.

  • SEPTEMBER 2015
  • The loop logo

    The Loop

    "Hot Seat: WomenWhoCodeHK Co-Founder Talks Women in Tech

    201509 the loop photo
  • 201509 mercurr


    "Their latest video is evidence of the amazing job they do for the Hong Kong startup community" by Mercurr

  • 201509 miss qt

    Interested in Working for a Tech Startup

    Miss QT talks about the best way to find a job in a Tech Startup: WHub of course.

  • 201509 econf

    The Entrepreneur Conference

    Asia's networking and hands-on conference for entrepreneurs, startups founders and independent business owners!
    WHub's co-founder Karena Belin as sharing on how to raise funding in Asia.

    20150919 kpmg econf2 20150919 kpmg econf1
  • 201509 adn

    WHub or #StartupPassion

    Meet co-founder Karen Farzam, ex-trader, web developer, co-founder of WHub. Interview in French.

  • 201509 ajournal

    Karena Belin & Karen Farzam

    "Hong Kong’s startup ecosystem is booming and now it ranks in the top 25 startup hubs in the world."

    201509 ajournal photo 201509 ajournal photo 1

    Korean startup talking about WHub on their summary of RISE conference.

  • AUGUST 2015
  • 201508 mobidays

    RISE Conference in Hong Kong

    201508 mobidays karena

    Korean startup talking about WHub on their summary of RISE conference.

  • JULY 2015
  • SCMP

    Why women are a rare breed in Hong Kong's burgeoning tech start-up field

    201507 scmp 201507 scmp karena

    Women are woefully under-represented in Hong Kong's burgeoning tech start-up scene.

  • Tech Openair

    An Interdisciplinary Technology Festival - Berlin, 15 – 16 – 17 July, 2015

    201507 tech openair 1 201507 toa berlin

    Conquer Asia - Startup in HK.
    Meet our co-founder Karena Belin talking about opportunities and practical tips for Hong Kong's Startup scene and its distinctiveness to other Asian hubs.
    In collaboration with InvestHK and StartmeUp.
    WHub is a Community Partner of Tech Openair.

  • JUNE 2015
  • True Global Ventures

    Dusan Stojanovic - WHub part of the selected Top 12 entrepreneurs worlwide

    Dusan Stojanovic, European Angel of the year 2013, narrowed down 12 women entrepreneurs from 157 initial women entrepreneurs selected worldwide. WHub is proudly selected among this top 12.

  • 201506 googleeye

    Google EYE - Pitch Session

    Our co-founder Karena Belin first gives a talk about "pitching tips & Tricks", then is a judge on the pitching session.

  • MAY 2015
  • Jumpstart

    Jumpstart Magazine

    WHub gather a list of Must-meet entrepreneurs in Hong Kong for Jumpstart Magazine.
    As the startup community keeps growing in Hong Kong, this is a lit of inspiring, interesting, successful or influencial entrepreneurs.

    201505 jumpstart cover 201505 jumpstart must meet entrepreneur

  • asian-entrepreneur

    The Asian Entrepreneur

    From equity trading, to non for profits and now raising funds, Karen loves the buzz of being an entrepreneur in the vibrant city of Hong Kong. 201505 asian entrepreneur award

  • hktdc

    Entrepreneur Day (Eday)

    WHub promoting eDay in the video made by HKTDC.

    With the mission to provide entrepreneurs, investors and start-ups with a networking, early stage fundraising and insights-sharing platform, this forum is comprised of panels and pitching sessions, covering start-up financing and the essentials for the success of start-ups, as well as pitching by selected ICT start-ups at HKTDC Entrepreneur Day.

    Panel Session : " Innovation and Essentials for Start-ups" with Karen Farzam, Xania Wong and Bernard Chan. Moderator: Bill McCord.

  • APRIL 2015
  • SCMP Game Changers

    SCMP Game Changers Series

    The SCMP Game Changers Series comprises four innovation-themed forums that bring together those that have fundamentally changed the rules of business as we know it, either through their indomitable entrepreneurial spirit or their innovative brilliance. By converging the brightest creative minds with celebrated empire builders, Game Changers provides inspiration, learning and engagement for innovators, corporate ventures, entrepreneurs and investors.
    Listen to our co-founder Karena Belin.

  • 201504 wynd

    O2O - Opportunities and Challenges; a panel discussion by WHub.

    Online to Offline (O2O) has been growing rapidly in US and Europe. And the division between online and offline purchase channels is becoming more blurry. O2O is no longer only about search online and purchase offline or buying online and picking up in-store. Additionally, linking on-line to off-line experience is clearly affecting more and more sectors and going beyond the commercialization of consumer goods.
    The panel will be animated by Karena Belin, co-founder of WHub.

    201504 leungalex

    Interview: Karen Farzam (WHub, Swire Blueprint, Women Who Code HK).

    Karen is the Co-Founder of WHub, a slice of the Internet for Hong Kong that promotes community building, startup product insights and also serves as a resource for startup job openings in Hong Kong.

    201504 carrer panel

    Career Panel: Adventure in Web Development.

    Join our career panel learn to about the a day in the life of web developers in varied industries and different stages of their careers.
    The panelists will include Karen Farzam co-founder of WHub, Leo Tumwattana and Sophia Haines, designer at TalkPush.

  • MARCH 2015
  • SCMP Young Post

    South China Morning Post - Young Post

    Project Gender Bender questions the roles of men and women in modern society. HKIS students held a discussion to see if men's and women's roles in society have finally started to change.
    Karena Belin - Co-Founder WHub - on the panel discussion. read more.

  • FEBRUARY 2015
  • 201407 ga lockup

    Getting Hired in the Digital Age.

    General Assembly and the HKU International Alumni Group present this event to help you start thinking about all the ways you can make yourself the next perfect hire.
    The panel, moderated by Julian Gaertner, CEO,, will include Karen Farzam, Co-founder, WHub, Justin Kung, Outcomes Producer, General Assembly, Dennis Grady, Partner, The Career Advisory Group and Marco Lau, Team Leader, Technology & Transformation, Chandler Macleod.

  • JANUARY 2015
  • startup-hk

    10 Hong Kong Startup Founders Share What They Most Look Forward to in 2015.

    Among the 10 HK founders, discover our co-founder Karena Belin's wishes for 2015!

  • blueprint

    Mentor for Blueprint B2B Accelerator Programme

    Blueprint is a B2B accelrator.
    The 11 selected teams are on their way through 6 months of intensive business development, market testing and fundraising.
    Our co-founder Karen Farzam is part of their mentors.

  • 2015 01 measurecamp

    WHub is proud to support the 1st Measure Camp in HK!

    MeasureCamp is an open, free-to-attend unconference, different to any other web analytics conference held around the world.
    For the first time since its creation in 2012, MeasureCamp is finally landing in Asia for a Hong Kong edition on January 17th 2015!


    Mentors for HKU Alumni Entrepreneurs Club

    HKUAEC is a group of HKU entrepreneurs with different professional backgrounds and nationalities, sharing and collaborating along the entrepreneurial journey.
    The entrepreneurs club is running startup bootcamps, workshops and networking events to connect every member.

  • DECEMBER 2014
  • 20141215 workground event

    User Acquisition Strategies & HUK 0.2 Launch

    Dcember 15th, 2014 at the Workground by HUKapp

    This time around, they have Karena Belin from WHub.​hk who will ​talk about the steps to launch a digital platform/app. Once you've launched, how do you scale up operations to acquire more users.
    This and much more is on the discussion table when they meet Monday. And of course, in the spirit of the event series, they will also hear from those of you who have gone through the same process!

  • 201412 asiabizstories

    Motivating by Example

    Posted on December 15, 2014 by Neville Mckenzie

    Karen Farzam discusses, her role in two startups that motivates and encourages others by her example, 'Women Who Code HK and WHub', insights into what it takes to switch industries and career path, her approach to maintaining a rich balance to all aspects of life, and advice to just starting out entrepreneurs.

  • NOVEMBER 2014
  • 201411 awaAmerican's Women Association

  • WOW Buzz: Turning startup passion into personnal growth.
    Learn about WHub's co-founder Karena Belin challenges and opportunities.

  • 201411 aint the machine

    WHub can sing

    WHub like having fun and be part of cool project.

  • OCTOBER 2014
  • 201410 hkwec

    Hong Kong Women Entrepreneurs Connect

    Discover their first interview with WHub's co-founder Karen Farzam.

  • SEPTEMBER 2014
  • TVB Pearl

    WHub on TVB Pearl - Sunday, September 7th - 7pm

    Listen to our Co-Founder Karen on TVB Money Magazine talking about women in tech, opportunities, re-inventing yourself and just following your passion!

  • Web Summit

    Web Summit - Where the Tech World Meets

    WHub has been selected among 20 East Asian Startups to come to the Summit.

    WHub is a profile-driven platform that showcases the entrepreneur and team behind the startup. WHub lets startups share their company mission, product or service and current job openings, thus helping connect startups with talented professionals interested in joining and making a difference in a young company.

  • AUGUST 2014
  • 201408 inside entrepreneurship cover

    SCMP Entrepreneur Magazine First Edition "Inside Entrepreneurship"

    WHub on the cover of SCMP Entrepreneur's magazine.
    Interview with co-founder Karen Farzam.

    startup-hk stated WHub as one of their favourite startups!.

  • 201408 entrepreneurhk karenfarzam


    Karen Farzam "Listen Carefully to Everyone But Make Up Your Own Mind."
    Interview with co-founder Karen Farzam.

  • JULY 2014
  • hket

    HK Economic Times

    "WHub, created by Karen and her partner, is a platform for startups to showcase their ideas, products and the team in order to attract investors or customers. Start-ups can also conduct recruitment through the platform."
    Interview with co-founder Karen Farzam.

  • SCMP

    Education Post - SCMP

    "The biggest challenges for passionate entrepreneurs and exciting startups is recruiting the right team to help them unleash their full potential."
    Interview with co-founder Karen Farzam by Yat Hei Wong.

  • entrepreneur-hk


    5 HK Tech Innovators Win Talent Unleashed Awards.

  • 201407 ga lockup

    General Assembly

    Hong Kong Startup connects new businesses with talented job seekers.

    Interview with co-founder Karena Belin by Emily Pope.

  • Women Who Code HK co-founder launches new Startup.

    Interview with co-founder Karen Farzam by Emily Pope.

  • JUNE 2014
  • Regional Winner

    Talent Unleashed Awards

    June 2014 - Awarded Regional Winner of Talent Unleash Awards Asia in the category Inspirational Leadership
    Awards judges : Sir Richard Brandson - Steve Wozniak.

  • 201406 creation catalogue

    Creation Catalogue

    "What drives startups is passion and their mission — yet that rarely gets across in the news and especially in job descriptions. We want to change that."
    Interview with co-founder Karen Farzam by Ting Kelly.

  • 20140610 24h en asie

    24h en Asia

    How to change career-path from finance to entrepreneur. How WHub is born ?
    Interview with co-founder Karen Farzam by Marion Zipfel.

  • MAY 2014
  • startup-hk


    The Hong Kong startup community is presenting WHub and all its advantages.
    Discover WHub's introduction to HK startup's scene.
    Also 5 questions asked to our co-founder Karen Farzam
    Article by Iris Leung.